Garda Guest Card

Savour a holiday that’s all about spas, museums and wine tastings! A single card that gives you free access to lots of different services and facilities.

Garda Guest Card allows you to enter free of charge into the main local museums, castles and national parks, to use public transport for free, to get discounts at certain places, and to access exclusive services such as guided tours and tastings. With your trusty card in hand, you can even skip the queue!

The card enables you to:

  • travel freely on all public transport in Trentino, trains included, and even on pleasure boats
  • enter for free into more than 60 museums, including MUSE and MART
  • visit free-of-charge 20 castles and more than 40 attractions, including the Arena in Verona
  • savour local produce and products direct from the producers, buy them direct and participate free of charge in guided tours
  • access numerous services for discounted rates

The Garda Guest Card is free for stays lasting at least 2 nights. For more information on the service, please visit the following website:

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